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April 2021 What's Happening
Hey gang, great news....  I've rejoined Fistacuffs after a 9 year separation.  It's been great to be back together with the guys.  You know what we do....  LOUD and HEAVY....  Our first show will be at Dingbatz on Saturday May 22, 2021.  Tickets are only $10.00 and can be purchased at  I hope to see you there and at our future shows too.
March 2021 What's Happening
I am in the process of putting together a new bar band called OPM.  This band will be playing your favorite rock and roll from from then to now.  See you in the bars soon...
Winter 2021 What's Happening
Hey gang, I hope everyone is doing well.  Things are still not going well with Covid, so shows are far and few between and the shows that are happening are at a reduced capacity.  In any event, there are no shows on the calendar for the moment.  Hopeful for new dates soon....  Stay safe out there.....
June 2020 What's Happening
Hey everyone, I'm hoping everyone is staying safe during these underrepresented times.  I certainly miss everyone and look forward to seeing everyone soon.  I've currently got a few private events booked, but I'm hoping I'll be able to start playing public shows sooner rather than later....

May 2020 What's Happening
Hi guys, I hope everyone is practicing social distancing....  I just wanted to let you know, I will playing electric shows with a new band, 2nd Chance....  These guys are raw and a fun entertaining band...  So when we start playing dates, I hope yiou will come out and see the band.  Be well....  see you soon....

July 2021 What's Happening

Hi dudes and dudettes.  I hope everyone is well and staying safe.  I wanted to update everyone on several things that are happening.  

First of all, if you're from NJ, you know that things are opening up. Restaurants, bars and clubs are opening up and that's a "win" for everyone.  

I had posted in April about a new band I was putting together.  The expectation was that the band would be ready to go by May or June.  That has not happened yet, as there were complications beyond my control.  I am happy to say that things are on track and I fully expect to have dates starting in September.  More info on the band coming soon....

In terms of my acoustic solo work, I will be back, also in September.  I decided to take off the rest of the Summer of 2021 and try and get some "Summer fun" in before fulfilling dates.  

On a less than happy note, my tenure with Fistacuffs was short-lived, as the band decided the May 22, 2021 show at Dingbatz would be their retirement show.  Oh well... and we'll have to wait and see if there are any post retirement shows in Fistacuffs' future.  It's a trend that everyone is doing these days....  It's so chic....  So we'll see....  

Until next time.....




Dave Bandinelli is now endorsed by Moniker Guitars, based in Austin TX. Dave is very excited about this new relationship.  Here is a pic of the first Dave Bandinelli Signature Moniker Zuma.  

Dec 17, 2016 
2nd Annual Toys for Tots Christmas Benefit 
The Big Apple, Bayonne, NJ

I'm very happy to say that I will again be involved in the Toys for Tots Christmas Benefit.  This is such a great event.  There are so many talented musicians who are willing to donate their time to help generate the donation toys and monetary gifts for under-privileged children.  Last year, I left the gig feeling great.  I know this year it will be even better.  


If you are in the Bayonne area on Saturday, December 17, PLEASE stop by and donate a toy or whatever you can for a child who has less than you do.  Believe me, it will make you feel good inside. 

Nov 25 City of Bayonne Presents "Music on Broadway"

November 25 - Bayonne, NJ kicks off a new program called Music on Broadway.  The goal is to get more people spending their hard earned cash in Bayonne and Broadway, specifically.  How are they going to do that?  Use music, of course.  Every week, there will be numerous artists performing at various venues in the city.  Come out, support Bayonne, support live music and have a blast in the process.  Dave will be at The Vic on 107 Hobart Street on Friday, November 25 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.  

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