Merry Christmas

I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season....  See ya soon....



Venue to be Announced Soon


Feb 2021 What's Happening
A new date has been added to the calendar.  More details will be available in the next few days....
June 2020 What's Happening
Hey everyone, I'm hoping everyone is staying safe during these underrepresented times.  I certainly miss everyone and look forward to seeing everyone soon.  I've currently got a few private events booked, but I'm hoping I'll be able to start playing public shows sooner rather than later....

May 2020 What's Happening
Hi guys, I hope everyone is practicing social distancing....  I just wanted to let you know, I will playing electric shows with a new band, 2nd Chance....  These guys are raw and a fun entertaining band...  So when we start playing dates, I hope yiou will come out and see the band.  Be well....  see you soon....

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